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Talindra Koranthil is unknown and forgotten

Family History and Background


Delsaran Koranthil
Delsaran Koranthil
Father | Medonian
Status: Unknown

A soldier's life was the only one Delsaran had ever known. He was trained at a young age and drafted soon after. His skill with a sword was impressive, but it wasn't enough to keep him from an encounter with death.
He was found on the battlefield, barely breathing and drenched in a mixture of his own blood and that of the enemies he had killed. It was by a miracle that he managed to wake up nearly an era later.

What he didn't expect was the first face to see was the woman who would later be his wife.

The two got married once the war was over, and had their first child Drannor soon after. However, Delsaran's rigid lifestyle left him unable to function under a more relaxed setting. The lack of adrenaline from facing death and conquering caused him to turn to drink. Under the constant influence, he became quite violent and beat his submissive wife nearly every darkening. This came to an abrupt halt, however, upon learning that she was pregnant with their second child. A newfound excitement settled him down a bit, but the sound of shattering bottles would still echo throughout their surroundings.

Upon learning of his wife's death, he lost total control. Talindra would receive near constant beatings,
only kept alive because her brother would try and keep her hidden or defend her when found. One night,
the children tried to escape, but he quickly caught onto their scheme. In his attempt of preventing Tali from fleeing, he grabbed her by the leg and tripped her. The elven child cracked her head open on a rock while her brother continued to flee. The sight of crimson seemed to knock some sense into the father as he scooped her up and retreated into town to find a healer.

Tali woke up a month or so later with no recollection of anything. Delsaran took her home with a new idea for the daughter he refused to accept as his own. He spent the next ordinances of Tali's life teaching her how to be a thief. One brightening as she neared completion, he faked a leg injury which forced her tend to him as if she were a slave. She never minded, however, for he was always kind spoken and acted as if he truly cared about her.

Even now, the elven woman is oblivious to her father's hidden cruelty.


Saehlin Koranthil

Saehlin Koranthil
Mother | Esh'lahier
Status: Deceased [child birth]

In progress


Drannor Koranthil
Drannor Koranthil
Brother | Half Medonian/Half Esh'lahier
Status: Unknown*

Drannor always witnessed his father's cruelty from behind the safety of a cracked door. Her mother could see the signs and shoo him off before it escalated to keep him from harm. The sight would infuriate him and it only got worse when Tali was born. The loss of his mother was hard, but he had little time to mourn for he found a new purpose in his young life.

To protect his little sister.

It was a difficult task since the two played often, but Tali would wander off to simply grab a toy and return with bruises. She refused to confess to Drannor, however, because she knew that he might try and say something. In her mind, it was just as much her job to protect him despite being younger. Despite the pain and suffering the two went through, it only strengthened their bond. One brightening, Drannor couldn't find Tali anywhere. He searched her usual hiding spots before bolting out the door to try and find her before their father did.

His sister was hunched over in the middle of a grove, with her back facing him. He hesitantly approached, trying not to scare her as he asked what she was up to. The small elven child stepped aside and revealed a heart made from broken sticks lying on the ground. Tali explained that she wanted to show him just how much she loved him. He smiled and bent down, setting small rocks all around it. When asked, he explained that the rocks would protect it from harm. The two spent hours playing together in the comfort of the grove, but received quite a beating upon returning home.

One darkening, he woke Tali up and rushed her out of an open window. He had packed a small bag for them both, supplies to last until they could reach a town. The two ran for a bit, but Tali tripped and began to cry for she didn't understand what was happening. Drannor pulled out a necklace with a wired rock dangling from it and draped it over her head. He told her that it was from their mother and it was his promise to protect her. She accepted this and the two continued to flee. In the time it took for him to soothe his sister, however, their father caught wind and pursued.

Drannor glanced back as he lost grip of his sister's hand and saw her lying motionless on the ground. He didn't think she had survived and so he forced himself to turn his back and retreat. Since that darkening, he swore to learn the art of assassination so that he could seek revenge for the loss of his sister.

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