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Peer Mod Section


Ashes to Ashes

Secrets :

Young Bard - a young Vysticchi bard who was found singing near a destroyed village | his lover was one of the many victims that fell prey to the wrath of a murderous elven couple | seems to be going mad...

She's an Absolute Terror for Absolute Territory

Secrets :

Monica - a small human child with brunette pigtails

Father Josiah - an older human who is the elder of a farmstead a few days beyond the city | married to Miriam who calls him, 'Josie' | believes Sliucha to be a 'messenger of the Gods'

Miriam - an older human who is the elder's wife | he calls her, 'sunflower' | loves to clean and help decorate, but fell ill and found herself unable to leave the bed | thanks to Sliucha, she can walk again!

Kaitlyn - a small half-elf child who was kidnapped by the bandits | mute | belongs to a elf named Oscar | mother has passed away due to disease

Ana - a brunette haired elf who has fallen for Sliucha's womanly charms! | had a lover, but was abandoned so that he could get exposure for his bardism on the roads | used to be homeless

Claire - a blonde haired human with a pixie cut and blue eyes who is the leader of a bandit gang that kidnapped children from villages for extortion purposes | was forced to surrender due to Sliucha's odd methods of torture

Fi'Doh (belongs to Indefinite) - one of Sliucha's bodyguards | dorin

Ve'Kan (belongs to Indefinite) - one of Sliucha's bodyguards | dorin

Sha'lik - leader of another bandit camp, one that houses women and older children | vysticchi | surrendered of his own free will and works for Sliucha (for now) | is a mercenary who works for whoever can pay him the most

Do You Have to Let it Linger?

Secrets :

Juno (belongs to Niven) - Niven's dog and loyal best friend who is a cross between a Sylrosian Tracker and an Aelyrian Hunter

Purify the Colours, Purify My Mind

Secrets :

Kiahni - a reddish brown jagara mage with gold eyes who is dressed in monk clothing

It Comes With the Territory

Secrets :

Gruk (belongs to Vireylda) - an orc companion that has a crush on a fae back in ZA | came on the journey to protect Vree who has healed/helped him several times

Rose - a pregnant human and Markus' wife | helps around the village when she can, but has difficulty since she can't get around too well | will be having a baby girl!

Markus - the village leader (by vote/assumption) | human and Rose's husband | spends a lot of time trying to help the struggling village stay on its feet | was apprehensive about Vree at first, but has come to like and trust her to get the job done

Gallantly Gallivanting

Secrets :

In Progress

Unique Like Snowflakes

Secrets :

in progress



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