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Character Information and Personality

Age: Young Adult
Race: Half Esh'lahier/Half Medonian
Known Aliases: Saehlin | Phoenix

Standing at 5'6, Tali finds herself at a bit of a disadvantage in her line of work. Her pale skin does its best impression of a beacon during the brightening, hidden only by clothing that she works hard to keep clean. Even homeless and afraid, being clean is one of the elf's top priorities.

Auburn hair falls past her shoulders as cognac eyes try to tie in with it and give some warmth to her ghostly complexion. A few minor scars can be seen peeking out from beneath her attire, but are never fully revealed itself enough to be asked for an explanation. She has scars on her left arm due to a losing battle against a vampire that dug its nails into her flesh and bit her.

As much as she tries to maintain her appearance, life on the run has put a bit of a strain on the young elf. In certain places, bone can be seen bulging in an attempt to reveal the difficult life that she now lives. Perhaps asking for sympathy in the form of a meal? One can't be certain, particularly because more times than not by the time they make the conscious decision to offer, they would find their food picked apart or gone altogether.


To strangers...
She puts on a show depending on the current situation, tying it well with her overall appearance. A few examples include simple seduction, isolation or a mixture of both when the time calls for it. If she doesn't see future interactions occurring, she'll give out her mother's name so nothing that she does can be traced back to her.

This method, however, falls flat if she's taken off guard. Her paranoia sinks in while a cognac gaze examines every part of whoever is in front of her and around her so she can figure out if she's in immediate danger. This translates verbally to a nervous and shy elf who finds herself hesitant and seeking information about the person/situation.

To friends and allies...
The elf is a mixture of anxiety and self-hatred, buried beneath a facade that cracks more times than she would care to admit.Despite this, she tries to remain upbeat around her companions. While she doesn't mind spending time and getting to know those she has started to trust, she will vanish the second she thinks her hunter might have caught up to her. She refuses to put others in danger, but will protect those she cares for if they're in trouble.

It's difficult for people to reach this state due to her initial paranoia and unwillingness to paint a target on anyone's back.

No matter what...
The elven maid is STUBBORN. In her mind, becoming a burden to anyone is not acceptable so she'll push through whatever pain or discomfort that she's in to ensure that she contributes. While she prefers to keep any ailments to herself, it can peer through her facade depending on the severity.

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