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Talindra Koranthil
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Talindra Koranthil is unknown and forgotten

Wealth and Possessions

 Sterling Tier Finances

Minor Possessions:

- (1) Iron Dagger
- (1) Visa
- (1) Dark green dress [abandoned when she obtained other clothing]
- (1) Dark brown, ragged set of clothing [stolen]
- (1) Tunic, male [given to her by Moss]
- (1) Set of Thieves' Tools
- (2) Blankets [bought in PA]
- (1) Set of clothing (dark green blouse | light brown leggings | dark brown boots) [bought in PA]
- (1) Map [handmade, in progress of being filled in]

 Major Possessions:

- (1) Key to Room 252, an apartment complex in The Principality Of Moonstone [given to her by Sliucha Sindosa]
- (1) Handmade necklace

Secrets :
Her brother, Drannor, gave this to her when they were younger. It once belonged to their mother. However, due to her having no current recollection of him, she isn't sure where it came from.


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