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A long-term solution sounded appealing.

Tali could return to her old life – one of simple theft and taking contracts for some extra coin. However, the appeal was nothing more than wishful thinking. A fantasy where she was no longer hunted and her father welcomed her home with open arms.

The woven dream seemed to shatter instantly, her expression falling as a result.

Is he even alive? There’s so much I can’t remember…

She forced a quiet exhale through her lips. “While I would prefer something long-term, I'm afraid I can’t think that far ahead right now.” A slender hand scooped up the bag of coin that dangled from her side and set it down on the table between them. “This is all that I have. Would it suffice for a safe place this darkening?”

If it didn’t, she had alternate plans. Or plan, rather. The ground wasn’t a terrible place to sleep, particularly if she could cushion it with fallen leaves. Her main concern was being so vulnerable out in the open. All it would take was a second and she would never wake up again. The thought sent a cold chill down her spine, but she tried to focus on what was right in front of her. You’ll have plenty of time to freak out later.

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