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Mmhm. Mmm.

"I understand." There were so many unknowns in the given situation. Was Talindra telling the truth? Why was somebody targeting her? Was it possible that she had committed some crime? Perhaps somebody was trying to kill her because she'd killed somebody else. Who knew? There were so many possibilities, but Sliucha could only work on what little she knew at the moment.

Still, it was pretty audacious to come to the governor for help, if it so happened that Talindra was actually some kind of criminal. Of course, that was worst-case thinking, it was entirely possible that her father had just run into some trouble and she'd been collateral damage - or perhaps it was just a burglary gone wrong.

"I understand." Well, okay, she didn't, but sometimes it was important to create an illusion of authority. Sliucha had learned a lot in her time in politics! "The saaaaafest place I could think of..." Would probably be staying at the governor's home?

"Well, would you prefer a more long-term solution? Or do you really just need something for this darkening only?"
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