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Tali blinked. A single knock had caused quite a rushed commotion from the other side. Maybe I should come back later? Her question was soon answered with an open invitation to enter.

She took note of the room upon stepping through the doorway. Overall, it seemed like very little would be in her way should she need to retreat downstairs in a hurry. As she scanned the area, however, she made note of the Governor’s actions as well as the woman’s attempt at looking busy.

Definitely interrupted something I shouldn’t have.

She disregarded the thought, allowing it to pile up with all of the questions that followed it, and instead fell into a respectful bow. “Vedui, Madame. I was speaking with your receptionist downstairs and she suggested I come and speak with you personally. I’m afraid I don’t have anywhere to go for the darkening nor do I know my way around town. Would it be possible you could point me in the right direction? I have coin, if needed.”

A small sigh of relief escaped her lips upon realizing her voice didn’t stagger as it had downstairs. She hoped this improvement in confidence would increase her chances for success.

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