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The receptionist offered a friendly wave as Talindra set off towards the stairs. A short climb later and she was faced with the large double doors that led to the office of the Steward-Governor of the Principality of Moonstone. Fancy, you know?

A quick knock on the door, and there was a bit of giggling and shuffling around that could be heard from within. In just a few short moments, though, a "come in!" could be heard from inside. Assuming that Talindra managed to calm herself to the point of actually opening one of the doors?

There was a large, open area in front of her. Many drawers and filing cabinets lined the sides, presumably filled with all manner of paperwork and forms. There were a few tables in the center, where the governor's administrative assistants sat when they weren't out on the job. Another set of stairs led up to the governor's personal office, segregated from the rest of everything.

At the moment Sliucha was standing next to one of the occupied tables, smoothing out the skirt of her dress as the young woman did her best to make it look like she was busy with paperwork. The governor regarded Talindra with a warm smile. "Hi! What can I help you with?"
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