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Character development

Alright, I'm here for advise and input. Illana is a dancer whos interested in social intricacies and what she can do for people. Her overall intentions are to help and sometimes will discretely (or not discretely) intervene despite what others may want.

I've come up with the idea of giving her the unofficial hobby as a facilitator. Facilitator being defined as someone who arranges things/people. Examples... being the go to for anything that needs to be transported, getting something done that needs to be handled discretely, maybe setting up a farmer with a local village girl, or setting up a festival to mask some other dealing.

I'm not necessarily interested in actually completing the tasks myself, but more as a professional networker... Otherwise, Illana would just be a nosy adventurer that meddles in too many people's personal business. Which isn't a bad idea, but it's impossible for one person to be able to do everything and it would be interesting to play a networker.

This would allow her to participate with all social statuses without conflict, but how well would this translate in game? If you've got other ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

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