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Isabelle Sophie is unknown and forgotten

Family Members

Aerion [Last Name] (Father) - NPC
Secrets :
Description: A 5 foot 6 Thelyri elf with black hair and green eyes. A little to the portlier side.

Background: Aerion used to be a merchant, traveling around from town to town, plying his deep sea goods. He settled down in La Quista after marrying his latest wife and became a farmer. He had several older sons born from his ex-wives.

Skills: L2 Sword, L1 Farming

Julika Sophie (Mother) - NPC
Secrets :
Description: An older, bustier version of Isabelle.

Background: Julika knew her duties well and quickly sort out a mate. It brought her to La Quista and soon she bore Isabelle and her younger brother.

Skills: L2 Spell Breaking, L1 Trident

Secrets :
Personality for Julika
- Expert at getting things done, but she cannot be called cunning. She hates exploiting the feelings of others, except for her daughter. She believe her daughter must do her best to continue the family tradition of hiding and providing her with material comforts.

- She is known to be a romantic, charming and have a strong sense of justice and fair play.

- She have a strong desire for material comforts, they may tend to waste a lot of money in unnecessary luxuries.

Christoph Down (Cousin) - NPC
Secrets :
Description: A young 5 foot 6 human with a very charismatic outlook.

Background: Christoph was a child of Julika human brother and another human female. Both were killed during the Xet Invasion. He had took over his family business and is currently one of the leaders of the Cadre. He took over their old family dockside warehouse, but instead of smuggling openly, he rented the place out to people to store their wares. If it turned out there were contrabands, he could shrug away all blame. He was just renting the place out.

Skills: Unknown

Places of Importance

Underwater Farm of Elen and Priya
Working Part-time here
Secrets :

Known Places of Interest
Main Area - A few stone houses with nursery, workshop and places to stay.

Seaweed & Kelp Field - Divided into 12 sections. Every month, a section will be harvested and replanted.

Oyster Field - A large field of oyster used to grow oyster for food

Oyster Field 2 - A smaller field of oysters used to cultivate pearls

Fish Cave - A cave used as to rare fishes to sell and food. The entrance is double netted to prevent fish from escaping

Nearby Small Islands - Small islands used to cure hides

Known People of the Farm
Elen - Greeted Isabelle when she arrived. A cousin many times removed. Owner of the farm. Know most of the farm tasks. Stay in farm.

Priya - Wife of Elen. Trident Wielder, Healer. Know most of the farm tasks. Stay in farm.

Adiy - Expert in all things fish. Help to trade goods. Leave farm every evening.

Jas - Expert in all things oyster. Stay in the farm most of the time.

6 Other Mers (Unknown)

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