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Maximus grinned at the katta's knowledge of lack of it. "Vortex, a city not far from here, allows those practice. Here, the practice is not encouraged. Arium is an odd place of course. Vortex, the supposed city of chaos had no prejudices against race or ability, as long as they proved themselves worthy. Nexus, a neutral city which except everything. Finally with have Aslangard, the supposed city of law and acceptance, which was not only prejudice against a variety of abilities, but racist against nearly all races of the empire. Everything is found in Arium." He laughed at his own comment.

There was a long period of silence as M & M continued working with the steel. Maximus needed to concentrate a little.

"I am glad you are a man of your own thoughts, Maahes... But if you want to try being an outcaste, like I said, head to Aslangard and stay there for a while. Do come back and let me know if you even make it pass the gates without any snide remarks. I know I won't even be able to pass the gates." He finally broke the silence while he finished the final fold and threw the metal bar into the forge once again.

On the last part of the questioning, Maximus grunted and kept his eyes on the bar. "This is the important part. The shape must be firmly set in the mind and hammering must be steady. Any mistake, and we might have to restart." He muttered. When the bar turned cherry hot, he pulled it out and started to hammer out the shape of a long and thin sword. A katana.

"Killing people. Did I take lives before? Was it easier with each killing?" Maximus repeated after he placed the finished product into the forge and allowed Maahes to pump the bellows. "I won't like. Yes I killed four people. The first kill was a fellow dracon, a bandit who decimated my real village and killed my real parents. Although I might state it is a mercy kill. My foster father captured him, but his men had brained him so badly that there was no way he was going to survive. I was young and blood thirsty for revenge and my father thought it was a good idea to quench my thirst and take it as a chance to teach me things. Did it feel good? Not really. I puked for two brightenings after every meal."

"The next time I killed was neared the start of the invasion. A human who attempted to rob my belongings. I jumped out from under a carriage and stabbed him through his back. Did I puke? Yes... but just after that kill. Then the third and fourth kill came together. Everyone was desperate for food and a cannibalistic half orc thought a dracon might taste good. It was sheer dumb luck that a Xet broke into the house and those two fought. I took the chance to free myself and grabbed a sword to pierce through the back of the two struggling foes. Did I puke? No. Was I proud of the kill? Honestly, Yes." He paused to take a breath. "I guess you can say it becomes easier with each kill... but every of my kill is a spur of moment thing. I think if I were to take a sword and run down the street, I won't be able to purposely kill them."

Every word of Maximus was the truth, but it was a mix of two parts truth and one part lie. He would never find the heart to kill anyone for no reason. He would never be able to kill someone in close quarters unless forced to, and to do it without thinking. If he was to kill with an arrow or with magic, he believed he was able to... Of course, the last part was just his belief. He had never tried to kill purposefully before... Nor he actually had any wish to.
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