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hi everyone !

Apertius Era XXIV

Yes I know its a silly name but in my defense as my first post explains it is definitely not my choice The gods of stories have glanced in my direction and have had a damn good chuckle at my expense! Such is life and Aelyria!

I have been here before, had to quit because of circumstances but I always wanted a chance to start again with a brand new quirky character. So I really do not mind if my return turns into a massive hunt for Newmans past or I forget how can you forget something that that you have already forgotten?I digress!

So I am equally happy to just jog along with my disability and build up this character into something that my past would be proud of.

So dont be scared to chat I do not bite and I am always happy to tag along on some madcap adventure.

OOC - why do I get a red line under Aelyria? there it is again!
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