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The newcomer on hearing the words from m Maximus became very more tense but didn't move yet.

"Yes we know of one. We've been hired by someone to make sure that he is, shall we say, put out of business. Now you say you want to find him? And by you attitude it seems as if you want to find him for the wrong reasons. I give you fair warning, and choose your answer carefully, I would suggest you leave this place now and get out of this city for you are not welcome here. None of your kind will be welcome here, for the other mages will not allow it. Leave, and look elsewhere, otherwise we will be given a new target. You are not our target at the moment so you are free to go. I suggest you do so!

The thugs at the other table now came and flanked the 'leader' of this group. All three had their hands on their weapons.
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