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Maximus watched the professor's reaction and knew his probing of hedgemages was the right decision. He allowed the professor to calm down and composed a curious look on his face. "I assume a head mage is no good?"

Then he took another drink from his mug. "Alas, a university. I wish I have the time for such a place of learning. As you can see," He brought up his claws, then shrugged. "Or cannot see, the calluses on my hand. I am making my ends meet working for a blacksmith, carrying things, working on pumps and the likes. I doubt I can find time to learn in a university setting or pay the fees for such establishment."

He sighed softly. "I will not disturb you on your smoke. I think my dinner is served. I should eat it fast and get back to work."

Maximus would return to his table, unless someone stopped him. He was hoping someone else in the tavern had heard his talk about hedgemagery and join him to, what did the professor say? Taint the planes together.
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