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The man at the table was a people watcher. He was busy doing that when this one approached his table. His bushy brows raised as Maximus approached, and introduced himself. The man took an extremely long draw on his pipe, exhaled the smoke and indicated that Maximus should join him, in the seat opposite.

"Serale Maximus. In answer to your question I'm not doing either of those things. I'm busy watching people. I like to see how they react with each other, and then study them. It's just a past time of mine. Takes me out of the big school, where I teach and all. All that study, students throwing spells around the place... with this the man took another long draw on his pipe, blew a perfect smoke ring, and then watched that for a moment before continuing. well its just nice not to have to throw a guard up to protect myself. . With this he gave a small chuckle.
"So what are you doing in a place like this then, Maximus? Oh, by the way Professor Efibin, at you service. I teach Sorcery at the university."
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