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The slap reverberated through the bar causing many of the clientele to stop whet they were doing and watch would happen next. For a split moment there was silence, and then laughter started. It was sort of infectious, as the laugh caught from one person to the next. The one boy he be not laughing was the one that Maximus had hit. He was now becoming angry. Maximus was already in the process of leaving. As he left the inn, there was a sound of the door opening and closing again. If he was to turn he would see that his friend, and another had exited the inn and they were now making their way, with some purpose directly to Maximus. It doesn't look like they want to play nice.

"Think you can slap me girl? Wait till I get hold of you!". The friends of Maximus were in reaching distance. The other reach out to grab her.
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