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oocThat's the plan. To get humans to like her.

It worked! One of his friends was doing his 'I'm irresistible routine', reserved only for female he thought was most beautiful. It worked!

As Marcaida, to fit in, he had learned several of such 'seduction' methods. They were quite fun to use, but he didn't like to be at the receiving end. He remembered a move used by other females to reject them before and he was at the receiving end of that move, more than once.

"Get your hands off me." He, or rather, she said hotly as she grabbed his friend's hand, twisted it and with her other hand, gave him a solid slap. "Told him that we should meet in the Tea House instead."

He knew there was a chance that they would try to stop him, her from leaving... but it was more likely his other friends would laugh at Mr Irresistible. If nothing prevented him... her from leaving, Maximus would stomp off, back to her... his home. This gender-cross thing was confusing.
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