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Maximus stared at the reflection in front of him and gasped. It did not looked anything like Marcaida or even himself. He was sure it was a female, but he wondered how attractive was he. Time for a test drive, figuratively speaking.

He took some time to memorise his new feature and body shape before finding for some clothes to wear. It was a simple dressed which he had bought a few brightening ago as Marcaida, claiming it was a gift to a lady friend. The dress was simple grey, but if he did not lace the top properly, it would generously reveal much of his bosom. He bundled up his hair as a pony tail and decided it was time... then he paused. The tattoos! How can he forget about it.... But there was not much time. He decided if he wanted tattoo, it was a simple issue of changing his skin color, nothing much.

Maximus wore a cloak over her body, looked at his reflection and said. "Time to go." It was lucky he did that, for he jumped at the voice. It was the voice of Marcaida. Wasting no time, he would spend 10 minutes or so adjusting his throat to mimic a more feminine voice. He could get a perfect voice next time.

Once ready, he headed out to the nearby tavern where he knew some of his friend's hanged out every darkening. As he neared the tavern, he would bundle up his cloak and step into the tavern, making sure he notice what was the generally feedback by the tavern folks, especially his friends.

oocMy new persona lookalike is in my CIR. The dressing is like the avatar though

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