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oocomg like the new avatar! This is who you are going to look like? Wow, better learn how to beat off the guys ;-)

The changing was the part every dracon would get used to, but it still hurt. How does something rigid like a scale, become more maliable, soft, smooth, and in the case of the female of the human species, a different shape. There would be pain involved, but more importantly, there would be a point at which the fasade would need to be less than perfect, for no one individual was completely without some flaw. The use of a, some would call 'beauty spot', was a nice touch, and went some way to giving the new image a touch of reality. There were some touches that seemed right, the shape of the ears, for one had to give an elven appearance. The black eyes though when inspected seemed wrong. Elven eyes could have been a different colour. Choosing black eyes for the rest of the features didn't seem to fit. Everything else seemed to be ok though. Perhaps a quick change of the eye colour, and then to think of the body.
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