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[Nexus Prime] Creating a new Persona: Seoni

Ioannes Era XXIV

Maximus noticed that people seemed to be interested in his own guise because he was a dracon. People notice his human guise of Marcaida because he was... well, no body really notice Marcaida unless they wanted a weapon. He noticed that people often notice the female kind.

There was another thing he remembered. How certain dracon was able to shift their scale colors.

At this very moment, it was Marcaida the human which stood inside a hovel under the name of Maximus Navire. He looked at his clothless body sighed. He could turn into a female, but he must have much research. The most important thing now was to change back.

After a excruciating 30 minutes, he looked turned back into Maximus and sighed again. There must be a way to shift faster and less painful... But first, he needed to see how a female body looked like and research on what kind of female look was most desirable. And to do that, he needed to hire a grethshkewhore in draconic... or he can just peep into the showers. He always wondered what was wrong with the non bestial female kind. Didn't they know a Dracon would not be attracted to their ugly bodies?

There was one way he could do it, changing scale colours and that was what he did. He looked at a cheap mirror he recently purchased and thought of the colour black. He stared at the mirror and started on the metamorphosis process... Turning all this scale black.
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