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"Thank you Sir!" Marcaida said earnestly and took it the weapon back. As instructed, he headed to the back and looked at the straw dummy.

Marcaida closed his eyes as he held the weapon close to his face. He spoke softly in draconic tongue, so soft that unless one were to press his ear next to his lips, no sound escape his lips. "I will name you GRAXA. May you be punish all your enemy hard."

He opened his eyes and took a few tentative light swings at the dummy. If it did not break, bend or snap, he would go into combat stance. His left legs slightly forward, his right slight bended. He focused on his balance for a moment, then pulling the blade back until it was almost point to the ground, he flipped his sword hand so that his wrist will face the skies... He lunged forward, giving the dummy a wide decapitating swing.

If nothing happen, he would make a few more light swing and a stab before heading back into the forge.
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