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Level of Mastery

Journeyman - Ioannes Era XXIV

Experiences Pertaining to Sorcery

Sorcery Spells Known

Standard Spells

Deflect (Initiate)
Star of Force (Initiate)
Anchor/Gate: Melonia (Initiate)
Force Lariat (Journeyman)
Rebound (Journeyman)
Stellation of Force (Journeyman)
Relocate (Journeyman)

Non Standard oft-used Spells

Shield (Short term shimmering shield)
Dimension Slide (Teleport Short Distance)

Elementalism Spells Known

Standard Spells

Elemental Spike (Initiate)
Elemental Grasp (Initiate)
Glowing Sphere (Initiate)
Blade of Elements (Journeyman)
Imbue Element (Journeyman)
Project Element (Journeyman)
Purify Element (Journeyman)
Summon Elemental (Journeyman)


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