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The Passage of Time

Property & Possessions

Property and Inventory
~ Assets of a person ~

Wealth Tier: Sterling Tier
ChangesImprove/Dropped/Etc OutcomeFinal Outcome
Starting Package Sterling

Maximus Nexus Forge
Copper Tier: With it being more difficult to raise the tier due to the contract.
Secrets :
The Maximus Nexus Forge of Melonia, Lauryl was a two story stone structure built like a fortress. It had to be, as this structure was built to be a smithy and had always been a smithy for as long as it stood. It was painted blue. An odd color for any building, but that was what made the structure stood out. As one neared this building, they could see the a wooden signboard in the shape of a longsword hanging above the door. Etched on the signboard were the words “Maximus Nexus Forge”.

The interior was not one of a traditional shop. There were two anvils. There was a forge. There were many tools of the trades neatly hanging on the walls. There were deadly kitchen implements and other craftsman’s tools sitting on a long table near the door. There were crates, cupboards and other furnishing pushed to the walls of the forge. There was a staircase that led to the the second floor, off limits to customers, was a bedroom bedroom, a kitchen and an empty room. There was a backdoor which led to an open area with a large forge. It was also usual to see a human, hard at work, hammering rhythmically away. There was no counter acting as a point of sales, however.

The visitor did not entrance did not go unnoticed. Either the owner of the shop, Marcaida Doughmaker or his apprentice, Calgary Taylor would approach the visitor, asking “How could I help?” in a polite tone, a tone that didn’t seem to fit the muscular build of speaker.

Notable Facts

Meaning of the business name
The 5 Era deal with Henry Hudson

Apprentice/Worker: Calgary Taylor

Starter Longsword (Unadorned)
2 x Daggers (Unadorned)
Leo-Isstor (Dagger created by Maahes)
2 x Hidden Daggers (Adorned with the 2 triangles to form an hourglass)
2 Foot long Willow-Leaf SwordLiuyedao adorn with the symbol was a crescent moon with a dragon styled S (Better Quality)
Bow (Wooden-Decorated)

Magic Items
Quinn’s blacksmith ringA silver ring with the symbol of an Anvil in front and the word ‘fiamma’ etched behind. The wearer can make existing fire burn much hotter for three candlemarks without any additional use of fuel. Command word: fiamma - Found here
Family Heirloom: A Ring belonging to his foster father / Imbue with Deflect 2/2 Charges

Mundane Items
Boar Tusk
Boar Meat
A portable set of blacksmith's tool (Hammer, whetstone, files, whittling knives, etc)
Backpack containing a clay mug, a sewing needle, a whistle, a roll of string, a spool of black thread, a water skin and a cycle worth of rations (usually dried meat).
Hanging outside on his backpack was a bedroll, a tent, 50 feet of coil ropes and a lantern.

Key Items
Visa under the name of Maximus Navire
Visa under the name of Marcaida Doughmaker
1 x Si'varithiel ore enough to make a weapon the size of a bastard sword
1x Potion that grant the immunity to heat and burns for three candlemarks up to the equivalent spell strength of Journeyman (lvl2). In those times, drinker becomes very ugly.
Boar Tusk holding an arrow (Used to hunt down Maximus' first boar)


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