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Maximus Navire

Basic Statistics
~ Everything About Maximus ~

History & Current Affairs
[Medonia] Maximus Navire: An Exposition

Form Most Natural

Name: Maximus Navire
Race: Moraden Dracon
Age: 52 as at Era XXIV
Appearance: Overall Theme Blue Scale with silverish lining along the spine, collars and fingers. Red Eyes.
Personality: Confident and Militaristic

Form of the average human

Name: Marcaida Doughmaker
Assumed Race: Middle Age Human
Appearance: Black hair. Blue eyes. Well toned, but not muscular. People describe Marcaida as above average/cute in the looks division for a middle aged man.
Personality: Agreeable and Value Self-Preservation

Form of the beautiful elf

Name: Seoni Isabella
Assumed Race: Youthful Elf
Appearance: White Blond Hair. Sea green eyes. Tanned. Tattoo-ed and many described her as sexy
Personality: Air’riela like (Gypsy). Rarely feels compelled to explain her action. Careful and meticulous planner.


Crimes & Kills Statistic
~ What is crime? ~

Dangerous/Sentient Creature Kills (Pregame Kill: Mentioned Only)

1 Dracon, 1 Human, 1 Xet, 1 Half Orc: Spur of Moment Kills

Dangerous/Sentient Creature Kills (In Character Only)

2 x Bear
1 x Ilyctopus
10 x Humanoid

* Statistic includes assisted kills

Secrets :
Kill Count before thread is approved:
2 x Humanoid, 1 x Shadowstray in Mercenary Thread

IC Crimes Committed
Crime ThreadType of Crime OutcomeCharged/Fined/Innocent/Never found out
Identity Theft Never Found Out
Populicide & Destruction of Bellewood Edge in Moonstone Seoni was Charged. See Result 1

Result 1: At the end of Imperos Era XXIV, Wanted Posters Seoni appeared in Ziel Aerca and in other major towns in the Province of Moonstone.


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