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There was some sense of relief at seeing the tendrils of fire essence begin to bleed into the murky medium. Amid the charcoal particles and sludge within the jar, the essence was like a smoke in and of itself, expanding and swirling outward from the blackened piece of root. The medium seemed to glow with a warmth from whatever edged out of the seed, but he could hardly be certain he really sensed as much at all with how subtle it seemed to be. His fingers brushed at the pile of ashes on the other side of the jar, pushing them up along the edges and allowing them to fall and settle back when gravity took them once more.

He took a long drag on the cigarette then, blowing it toward the jar so that the fire essence and the smoke itself seemed to bleed into one within his vision. He watched carefully for a time afterwards, tried to see if the essence seemed to respond to the smoke somehow as it dissipated around it. He held the cigarette near the jar again, moved and shifted it around in order to determine much of the same - to see if the essence inside wanted to react to the heat at all.

In the meantime he continued to waft the smoke over the jar, hands occasionally resting over the ashes to lend the warmth of his hands to the process. It was a matter of watching it now, guiding it... maintaining his pull on the essence so that it ended up right where he wanted it to be. Slow and sure was better than anything unexpected, and he was prepared to remain patient and watchful for as long as such was needed.
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