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The man's confusion only deepened when the woman said he could visit any time. He supposed she was trying to assure him, or to be polite... or something. He couldn't even begin to guess at her rapid decline into discomfort. Only moments ago she had been entirely fine with throwing her dirty boots onto his table, as if she had been here many times before. And now... well, it was remarkable how swiftly he could encourage a conversation to devolve. But that was what happened when business turned to... whatever in Aeternia this was. Small talk...?

"Genie." He repeated the name firmly, as if stating a fact, before glancing toward the pen she indicated. At the name of her shop, and at the mark on the pen, a small "Ah" escaped his lips. Yes, it made sense to him now.

He looked up again at her stammer, and at the subsequent silence that enveloped them. He couldn't see what she began to fiddle with, but his brow was lifting in renewed confusion. He found himself somewhat discomfited as well, fingers rubbing idly against one another as they remained intertwined before him. His lips pressed into a thin line and his jaw tensed against the maddening silence of the room.

He nodded gratefully when her explanation finally came, knowing that he had come to Medonia for similar reasons. There was a lot here to discover in the wake of all that happened. He considered what he might say to continue that trail of conversation when she derailed and began to speak about alchemists. He canted his head to the side at her mention of his goo and her gizmos. It sounded like a very poorly strung-together educational segment on the 'hows' of reproduction. If he hadn't looked bewildered before, he was certainly accomplishing that now.

"Are you..." A pause. "...suggesting that you are open to collaboration, Ms. Genie?" The question was a tentative one, as he could not be sure as to where exactly she was going with all this talk of bread and butter. "If so..." He hesitated again, fingers tapping one against the other, wondering exactly what he had planned to say about that. He had collaborated with others, sure, but it was often a relationship born of necessity, and one that few were happy about. Even his work with the glassblower was something very recent and foreign to him. Still, gadgeteers were about as common as alchemists were, especially in these parts, and he had to admit that the possibilities of what might emerge from such a relationship were appealing to him - regardless of how vastly different the two of them seemed to be.

"If so," he finally continued, "then I would be not be opposed to the... consideration."

There. That left things suitably open without the danger of a swift committal. The details of the arrangement could always be explored at a later time, if it was an idea that the watch-woman was truly open to entertaining.

"As for your fear of rumors, rest assured that I have no complaints. Your work has been satisfactory." He had to admit, he was hesitant to believe she trekked all this way for fear of his inability to comprehend the spring. Although he wished to be irate with what he thought might be a lie, something about the excuse seemed almost... endearing, somehow. Good gods, he thought as he resisted the urge to roll his eyes in disgust. Her crazy was threatening to rub off on him.

"So," he said suddenly, stiffening in his chair as his eyes brushed the window again, "I assume you will be rooting about in the rubble then, if you have not done so already. If that is the case, and if you come across anything of particular import - substances, minerals, plants, animals... I would be extremely interested to hear of it. I have been meaning to do some digging myself, but have been busy settling in. I would pay you for any good leads, of course."

It was, after all, her time she would be spending - and his time she would be saving. That was of value to both of them. And if she was not the sort to lead him off to a hole that he could then fall into, perhaps he would be able to discover some unique new ingredients to test and research.
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