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She watched as he didn't completely ruin her gadget with his hands and smiled. She was a good teacher! Genie smiled at him and nodded. "Not bad at all!" Encouragement was always good for students.

It was around the time that the man asked if there was a way to replenish his supply that she realized she had not been poisoned. So just what was that whole deal with the tea? Was he being nice to her? Was her presence not an affront to himself and all he held dear? Curious.

She gazed at the paper upon which he had written and it was her turn to furrow a brow. "Just how much do you think you'll need? Are you a writer? A poet?" she couldn't think of him as being a poet. He wasn't nearly romantic enough. A writer though, maybe. If he wrote horror stories about creepy men who invited beautiful damsels into their inn rooms only to poison them with tea. She was back on that now apparently.

"I have a store in Jaedaxia," she pulled her own journal out of one of her bags. A pencil appeared from behind her ear. She flipped a few pages. All her sketches and inventions were hidden in this tome. Several pages had been torn out, only to be replaced at a later time. Some had been folded over for future use. She came to a new page and sighed. There was so much potential on this blank canvas. Did she really want to just rip it out and never have the chance to realize its greatest possibility? What if it held the secrets to her greatest inventions?

She looked at the stern man's face and thought no. She didn't want to waste a fresh piece of paper. So she turned to an older worn, page. It had the design for a wind-up cabbit. It was an early design and she didn't really need it anymore. Though it was one of her first and the pang of nostalgia gripped at her heart. There had to be something that she didn't mind parting with in here.

The woman took out the paper that had his address on it from her shirt. She unfolded it and looked at it. But she didn't want to get rid of that either. Genie looked at him again. Now she was the one making an awkward pause. "Feth it all," she cursed and turned to a new page and scribbled her address. With a wince, she ripped it out and gave it to him. She hoped she wouldn't live to regret losing that piece of paper. Hopefully she would still be able to figure everything out without it.

She tucked Aeyr's address deep into the pages in her book and closed it. "Just send for some and I'll send you however many you need," the woman shrugged a little embarrassed at the small amount of crazy she had allowed to seep through her carefully crafted facade of normalcy.
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