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The frown began to return when she insinuated that he needed "simple". But he kept his mouth shut because keeping things as simple as possible was the way things should be done anyway. It was called efficiency. A cursory glance to where he assumed was the wide array of pleats and skirts and whatever else it was made him wonder if she understood that concept. But that was neither here nor there.

He eyed the singular spring that she showed him and wondered why such a critical piece seemed so precarious from inside. His pause as he inspected it was met with a demonstration on what happened should the spring be lost or damaged.

"I understand," he found the need to say, feeling off-put by the way she was looking at him as if somehow he did not.

He took the pen back from her, inwardly intrigued by the manner of its various little mechanisms, although as usual this was hidden beneath a steely visage. He kept his gaze on the pen as he flipped at the toggles she had shown him, finding them relatively easy to find given how simple she had made the thing. It wasn't as if there were a million of them to choose from - or for the right ones to get lost within.

When he did manage to get it open, he took a moment to observe the many pieces that were visible inside of the barrel. He removed the ink cartridge and placed another inside before closing the thing back up again. He twisted it, revealing the ballpoint at the end and then reached out to find a piece of paper.

He tested the pen on the surface. His writing, meticulous as it was, was produced with a swiftness and ease of a man who was accustomed to the motion.

"The cartridges.... I imagine I will need more when they're depleted," he murmured, his eyes still on his efforts of testing the contraption. "Is there a way that I might easily replenish my supply?"
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