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He was staring at her. Probably trying to discern just how much of the poison she'd ingested. Definitely calculating how much longer she had left to live. Genie would soon cease to exist. She was alone in a city where no one knew who she was. Her family didn't know where she had gone. They would think she'd abandoned them. Aeyr would get away with her murder. Except that he wouldn't because would be determined to haunt him for a very long time. Or at least until she found her dearly departed husband. In the meantime though, her murderer would not rest. Not that it looked like he rested anyway. Genie would have to make sure what meager naps he received were thoroughly interrupted.

Her gaze watched as the stern man fell in love with her gadget. She could tell by the depth of his brow that he was thoroughly entranced. One side of her lips twitched into a grin. At least he liked it. She had taken great care to make sure it was perfect. She didn't want to hear the slew of insults that would no doubt come from the man's mouth in her direction if it had not been successful. Not that she would have heard anything if she'd just sent it by mail. But that was neither here nor there. She couldn't change what she'd already done... yet. That part was coming.

It warmed her heart to hear him say that he was impressed, even if it didn't sound like he meant it. That was his way though; curt, awkward, and very strange. Genie took it as a victory that he deigned to use kind words in her direction. "I might. Though not the same design. I don't like making the same thing over and over. There are always improvements to be made, things that could be done differently," she waved her hand in the air to indicate that the list went on and on.

"That was what I really came to show you," she took her boots from the desk and scooted her seat forward. From within her bag, she pulled three slender ink cartridges. Genie had figured throwing in some free ink to offset the cost of the shipping that she had charged and never actually used would soften the man to the idea of having to endure her presence again. She motioned for him to come closer and hand back the pen. "I can't teach you if you won't let me show you." she spoke patiently as she waited for the man to relinquish control.
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