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The man was making careful observations of the woman's face as she sat down and finished her tea. Honestly, he was probably staring - which he didn't seem to realize was quite rude in most situations, green eyes assessing her over the steepled placement of his fingers. That stare was broken when he realized she was putting her feet on his nice clean table, and his stance grew rigid again as his hands fell to the armrests on his chair. He opened his mouth to protest when she responded to his question instead.

That look of confusion returned to his face, one that was becoming embarrassingly common in the watch-woman's presence. His mind was still trying to sort out this talk about ruining her shirt, which led him to recall his ruined pair of pants and how that little mishap had seemed a precursor to his run-in with this strange woman.

All of that was forgotten when she produced the gadget she had brought for him. Attentions suddenly on the pen being turned in her hand, the man silently dismissed his protestations and reached out to take it. His eyes seemed reluctant to leave her, drifting for a moment to the boots on his table, but finally fell to the object that he was now turning in his hands.

He repeated the motions she had shown him, twisting the thing and watching the ballpoint emerge. The typical frown at his brow seemed to ease at seeing it actually working.

"Black ink is fine," he murmured. "Which I assume can be replaced?" Not that he had requested as much, but for her to make new pens each time the ink depleted would not have been very practical for either of them. At least it felt comfortable in his hands, albeit more bulky than the fountain pens, but it was a small sacrifice for something so portable and convenient. Not to mention, it seemed sturdy enough.

"I have to admit, I am impressed." The deadpan of his voice and the unchanging expression seemed to indicate the contrary, but the words were honest regardless. "Do you plan on replicating the invention?"
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