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The man's mouth closed at the woman's smile, a flash of confusion lighting the green of his eyes before he stamped it down. He brow creased at her explanation, and then softened at the subsequent intrigue toward her supposed success of his request. His shoulders visibly eased at her assurance that she wouldn't be charging him extra.

As she continued speaking on about his spectacles, the man's head dipped toward her suddenly, his body leaning forward to shoot a look down the hall beyond. His tie lolled in the air a moment. He wasn't sure why he felt the urge to check if anyone else was there - perhaps he was too used to the jests that had been pulled on him during his years in the university. Students were such a thorn in his ass sometimes, and it would seem the habits they had ingrained in him were lingering still.

His head snapped back when he realized what she had said, severe gaze settling back on what seemed too chipper of an expression. "It took me a long while to get these to fit just the way I like them, so I believe I will have to pass."

His lips pursed then, gaze becoming wary as he seemed to appraise her yet again, about to insist that he could determine just fine how a blasted pen might work. Did he look like a dolt to her? Nevermind, he didn't want to know the answer to that question. After a somewhat uncomfortable pause, the man released an internal sigh. He stepped aside, lifting an arm in a stiff gesture of acquiescence. He took a final glance along the hallway before shutting the door behind him.

Inside, the room was almost depressingly tidy. Books and stacks of parchment were settled in fine lines along the tables, and the bed was neatly made. He gestured toward a dresser that held a tray atop it, a pot of tea still hot and fresh with an extra cup placed upside-down beside it.

"Help yourself, if you wish," he muttered, an awkward attempt at peace for the time being, as he hoped she would not make an effort to touch anything else. The thought reminded him of something, and swiftly he maneuvered to a table by the window, which held a picture of a young woman inside a frame. Appearing embarrassed, the man deftly placed it face down.

He cleared his throat, tugging on the tie around his neck and folding it swiftly before settling it on the table, too. He made his way to the chair he had vacated previously, and gestured to the one across from it. He eased into the seat, steepling his fingers as he observed the watch-woman's movements.

"I admit, I expected you to take a longer time of it than this. I trust the work was challenging enough?"
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