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[Medonia] Special Delivery

Time Stamp:
Spring Era XXIV

Genie pulled the paper from the confines of her shirt and unfolded it. Her brow furrowed at the man's scrupulous handwriting. Grey eyes looked up at an inn and she shrugged. The man was certainly fond of inns apparently. She had no room to judge. She was currently staying at one. And her home in Jaedaxia was her storefront. Her bed only shielded by a flimsy divider. So if he preferred the confines of shabby inns with dirty bed sheets, Genie would not hold it against him. Such was his right as an independent person.

Her heeled leather boots went to the middle of her calves. She wore black and brown striped leggings. A gray sleeveless shirt was covered by her trusty dusty brown corset. Her merlot colored hair was pulled back into lazy pigtails and topped off by her goggles. She carried with her three brown bags filled with all sorts of wonders; amongst which was a pen that had been commissioned in the winter before she left her home. It had taken some doing, but Genie was certain she finally got it right.

The man had paid for shipping. But given the nature of her gadget, she didn't entirely trust the postal system. And she also thought he might need some instruction on its use. The woman wasn't entirely certain he was all there in the brain department. Their last encounter had been strange.

Genie entered the inn and made her way to the counter. She leaned her elbow on it and smiled at the innkeeper. "Au revoir," she was quite the adept Jaedaxian nowabrightenings, "Could you let Aeyr know that Genevieve is here? Or tell me which room is his? We have some business."
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