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I'll note more clearly than Matty on one thing: if you are caught out moderating yourself with a secondary account, you'll be told that your threads will be invalidated, go find a new moderator and start again. If you argue the point, you'll likely be banned. This SHOULD be common sense, considering you can't interact with yourself on another account and you can't self-moderate yourself any more...and yet this was recently a problem that resulted in someone being rewarded with a permanent ban.

So! Be smart! Use common sense! Keep the basic rules in mind:

- Do not interact with your other characters
- Your other characters cannot benefit from your actions

Other than those things, we're pretty lax about how people go about their daily lives. Feel free to interact with the same PCs on different accounts (just keep in mind that you can't have your Primary Account give another PC something that they end up handing over to your Secondary Account).

Have fun. Go forth and conquer. Yada yada.
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