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Working my way backwards on rationales here:

The Guilds/Factions Changes

The changes to the Guilds section happened after many years of virtual disuse of the section, along with certain administrative headaches associated with the section. In particular, every time a new guild or faction wanted a playspace, they would need to get together enough people, petition in the Help Desk, and wait for admin to handle the request. Then, if something needed changing, it would again require admin intervention. This could end up annoying for everybody involved.

While giving folks entire subforums to play in is neat in concept, in execution it didn't generally see frequent use outside a single main thread in each subforum anyway. The most common additional use for Guilds subforums was for individuals to have what we would now classify as Personal Offices; since those have been implemented, the need to use Guilds for that has vanished.

Multiple Characters

This is something we've wanted to do for a long time. It's a quality of life thing to help out players, as there are simply times when writing for your one character stalls out for whatever reason. Having an additional character to play allows you to not find yourself stuck in a rut when these situations crop up.

Until now, this has been exclusively something donators could enjoy. We wanted to change that because donations shouldn't feel mandatory to feel comfortable playing the game. While further additional characters and custom avatars are still associated with donation to the site, we could at least help this far.

Other Stuff

Moranor has brought up two things I wanted to address at the same time as these changes, but didn't because I wanted the multiple character thing to not be held up any further. These are having forums for handling in-character newsletters/pamphlets/etc., and for handling in-character correspondence without needing to go on a forum-hunt for where to properly post it.

For IC news, the big thing I'm spinning wheels on is that in the wake of the destruction of the Herald presses in Medonia, I was looking to see if any player characters would be stepping into the news gap, justifying needing to do something about it. I'm not sure this niche has really been filled enough for me to take immediate action, but I could be wrong (please correct me), and I'd rather not have a fallow forum sitting there awaiting the day someone could finally use it.

On the correspondence front, I am looking for more feedback on how we should handle it. Should it be a sub-forum of its own? (Probably.) Is each individual letter then a thread, or so people set up IC "mailbox" threads where the correspondence rolls in? I'd like some additional feedback on this before going ahead with something, so feel free to reply here with it if you have some.

That's it for now, folks. Enjoy!

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