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Note: Mods, feel free to use the following NPCs in whichever way you see fit for plot or character development purposes.


Aria Gallien (Maiden name Thorne) - Deceased. Adyn's adopted sister. Died during the xetan invasion before the family could flee Port Alyxandrya. Aria was often the one who kept Adyn in check in his younger years despite his penchant for getting into trouble. She loved social gatherings, music, and people, often forcing Adyn to be a part of her social escapades. Given that Aria gave Adyn a sense of belonging where there otherwise was none, Adyn was deeply upset when he was disowned and unable to see her, and her death was known to have undone many of the good traits she managed to instill in him. She was married to a navy man before she died, her baby daughter Ellinor having died with her. Her ghost was brought back for a brief period by Qiara Aubell when Adyn hoped to seek some form of closure.

Lynessa Thorne - Estranged. Widow of Adyn's father. Fled Port Alyxandrya after the xet invasion, and has not been in contact with Adyn ever since. Adyn often demonizes her memory due to her inability to accept his presence, which (in her opinion) was an offense to her marriage with Samson. They often had squabbles and lacked respect for one another, leading her to try and pass him to the Alyxandas as an apprentice after her late husband's death. She is known to have had difficulties with Samson's other son, Elliot, as well. Due to her upbringing, Lynessa is somewhat spoiled and has difficulty accepting those who have less than her, but she is not inherently an evil person as Adyn often paints her to be.

Samson Thorne - Deceased father of Adyn, died in a hunting accident when Adyn was in his teens. Thought to be impotent, Samson often gave into his vices, sleeping with prostitutes or other women during his business trips to other cities. When he later discovered that this resulted in a supposed son of his, he took him in as his own - much to his wife Lynessa's dismay. Despite his apparent flaws, Samson had a soft heart for his children and was a kind father to them while he lived.


Leysa Genevois - Estranged. A noblewoman from Jaedaxia, who often socialized with Aria and the Alyxandas in their youth. Cunning and utterly attached to her life of luxury, Leysa knows she is attractive and often uses her appearance and charisma to get the things she wants. She and Adyn shared a mutual attraction in their teens and early adulthood, but when rumors of his reappearance briefly surfaced in Jaedaxia years after his supposed death, Leysa didn't pursue reconnecting with him, valuing her social standing more than what they might have shared. This disregard was likely for the best, given their relationship was one filled with emotional manipulation as often as it was with tender moments.


Kerric Alyxanda - Kailin Alyxanda's cousin. The two grew up together and shared a lot of similarities and interests, becoming close enough to consider one another brothers. Kerric mourned for Adyn when he thought him dead. Upon their next reunion, the two beat each other up in the Alyxanda Manor gardens and made amends after Kerric nearly strangled Adyn to death with the rogue's own tie. Adyn considers Kerric his best friend even after all these years.

Notes: For other PCs, I'm always willing to assume past connections with others for the fun of it. Let me know if you have any ideas.


Elliot Thorne - Half brother. The two met by chance when, for nostalgia's sake, they both returned to their old family home (which they were raised in at separate times). Upon learning how Aria had nurtured the boy in Samson's absence, Adyn took it upon himself to honor his sister's legacy and do his best to keep the boy out of trouble. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked out so well, as Elliot has been known at times to have a knack for trouble much like his brother and has pulled Adyn into his own schemes as well. As time goes on Adyn learns more about the things that Elliot cares about, and as such has steadily become more emotionally invested in him.

Ministra - Estranged. Adyn and Ministra shared a smoke and struck out on an impromptu adventure, connecting on an emotional level over the course of the night and ended the brightening with a tryst on the rooftops that was meant to end there. However, they later enter into a whirlwind of a romance that not only appealed to the thrill-seeker in Adyn but also came at a time when he was more emotionally vulnerable than he'd ever been. This combination led him to dive into it passionately and impulsively, but after their quarrels became too much for Adyn to manage, and after his own internal conflict that arose from his reuniting with Kailin, Adyn distanced himself from Ministra.

Kailin Alyxanda Kailin's family dealt a lot with the Thornes during the height of their success. As they grew, Adyn became fond of Kailin, if not somewhat intimidated by her in his assumption that she could read his emotions too well. When Adyn's father died, he departed without ever letting the Alyxandas know. Many years later in Aelyria Prime, Adyn runs into Kailin by accident, forcing him to confront the past he had previously left behind. Since their having reunited, Adyn has felt old lingering feelings rekindle for his childhood friend but has stepped away from their romantic relationship due to depression, doubts, and general lack of direction.

Rosie Kyrillos - As children, Adyn and Rosie occasionally played together when Adyn's father was in Jaedaxia for business. When Adyn fled from Port Alyxandrya and stopped briefly in Jaedaxia, he begged Rosie's father for money and stayed with them for less than a cycle before pressing on to Aelyria Prime. Years after the war, when Adyn started to pick his life back up in Port Alyxandrya, the two began a casual on-and-off physical relationship for the comfort and entertainment it provided, not wishing to open themselves up to emotional complications, although that always ends up far easier said than done.


Sliucha Sindosa - Adyn met the city's aedile at an afterparty for a gambling tournament he almost won in Ziel Aerca. The number of gifts and favors the aedile was willing to shower her companions in warmed the rogue to her, and he eventually accepted her offer of employment. Adyn currently seeks to move Sliucha's products via various trade opportunities throughout the empire and performs the occasional mercenary for her work as well. He thinks that Sliucha is one of the best bosses to have.

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