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Aelyrian Awards 2016: The Winners!

The Winners!

First off, thank you to everybody who voted and participated this year. Aelyria only exists because of its community, so thank you to all of you for taking the time and contributing what you do to the site. With any luck, I hope that you'll all be around again to vote in next year's awards. We had a higher turnout for the Awards than last year and I'm happy that people seemed to like the new Google Forms format we used - it definitely made tallying up the end result a lot easier as well. Holy cow there were pie graphs and everything, it was great. Quite a few categories were very close and wound up being decided by only a single vote! We had some strong nominees this year, and no matter what, you're all awesome.

Now then, congratulations to the winners, enjoy the shiny new badges when they're handed out, and here's to another year of Aelyria! And happy holidays, everybody!

Oh, and I guess this is a mini-update: the dropdown menus at the very top have been fixed so that the "new player" section now shows up appropriately under "Help." Previously, this was only happening for the Everwood skin theme. Didn't seem important enough to warrant its own news article, so, here you go!

The Categories

Character Awards

Best Male PC
First: Faust Kitrye'veresi
Second: Barthelme
Third: Rex Wagner

Best Female PC
First: Rhystlin
Second: Ylva Cherhc
Third: Virelyda Saharn

Best Portrayal of their Race
Second: Tiyribi Andares
Third: Pescado Branch

Greatest Grasp of Trades
First: Sliucha Sindosa
Second: Iseult Fluersdotter
Third: Hay'aan Malinconico

Greatest Grasp of Arms
First: Faust Kitre'veresi
Second: Ylva Cherhc
Third: Kael

Greatest Grasp of Arcana
First: Éclair Mainesthai
Second: Tiyribi Andares
Third: Aydyn Blair

Most Interesting PC
First: Darian
Second: Vireylda Saharn
Third: Antony Korvakra

Most Unusual PC
First: Sliucha Sindosa
Second: Barthelme
Third: Lewis Dalton

Best New PC (2016 - new or alternate)
First: Lewis Dalton
Second: Odette d'Evreux
Third: Sss'khar

Best Religious PC
First: Éclair Mainesthai
Second: Aydyn Blair
Third: Barthelme

Best Good PC
First: Aydyn Blair
Second: Veleraen
Third: Tiyribi Andares

Best Evil PC
First: Sliucha Sindosa
Second: Éclair Mainesthai
Third: Aerys Nardaquilli

Best Neutral PC
First: Virelyda Saharn
Second: Darian
Third: Shei'yein Neydremi

Best PC Duo (Not strictly couples)
First: Faust & Tiyribi
Second: Ylva & Kutsa
Third: Ylva & Kael
Fourth: Fuast & Rhystlin

Moderator Awards

Most Dangerous Staff Member
First: Grim
Second: Maddyn
Third: Jacob

Most Inspiring Staff Member
First: Mimesis
Second: Indefinite
Third: Nimh

Favorite Peer Moderator
First: Faengwen Tash
Second: Ceva Nil'riia
Third: Barthelme

Favorite Plotline of the Year
First: Maddyn's Church of the Faith plot
Second: Shei'yein's Xet Raid
Third: Lirael's Prison

Thread Awards

Best Non-Player Character
First: Grim's Moon Alien
Second: Asim the Jorelite Baker
Third: Jonah Wilson-Wilson

Best Location (Province, City or Place)
First: Ziel Aerca
Second: Arium
Third: Centripax

Best Thread Title
First: First One to Complains Leaves with a Bloodstain
Second: Why you gotta be so lewd?
Third: Freakin' Boom!

Best Death Scene (PC or NPC)
First: Aerys' Death Scene

Best Fight Scene
First: Vox Populi: Gye'ron vs. Iori
Second: Vox Populi: Rex vs. Rovain
Third: Byxlle Vs. Froglock

Best Love Scene
First: Martellus x Faengwen
Second (TIE): Sliucha x Dracon, Party Fun Time: All the Rex's

Best Humorous Scene
First: The Entirety of Pokopuff
Second: The entirety of Balm & Butler's Merchant Marines

Best Dramatic Scene
Just give it to Tiyribi and Faust, Dang

Most Inventive Solution to a Problem

Other Awards

Best Character Information Sheet
First: Iseult Fluersdotter
Second: Porta
Third: Hay'aan Malinconico

Best Profile
First: Sliucha Sindosa
Second: Ylva Cherhc
Third: Hay'aan Malinconico

Most Aelyria Addicted
First: Indefinite
Second: Séamus Stormfist
Third: Vireylda Saharn

Most Helpful Member
First: Indefinite
Second: Grim
Third: Nimh
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