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Note: Threads that I feel have a significant amount of character building are given descriptions.

31 ordinations

Ziel Aerca
And in the Midst of All This, We Press On

30 ordinations

Secrets :
Administrate of Centripax
The Blame the Dolphins Job

Aelyria Prime
Playing with Fire
I Didn't Fall, I Attacked the Floor Adyn's sparring partner turns out to be part of a past he left behind
Defend Yourself

Stealing Moonlight

First Stop: Jaedaexia

Aelyria Prime
To Steal a Moment Adyn connects emotionally with a stranger and they have a tryst on the rooftops
Violence doesn't solve anything. Except this, this it will help.
Fancy Seeing You Here Danger pulls the two strangers together again and they initiate a hasty, turbulent romance
Take me Downtown Adyn and Ministra struggle with their differences ... and discover they're both probably insane
That's the "Gaol"
Trapped Together Adyn and Ministra hide away for a while and are forced to open up a little more
Gettin' Too Old for this Feth
And Then There Were Two

On Your Left
The Power in a Name Adyn and Ministra run into Kailin, and Adyn tries to face her
You Want Thingamabobs?
Of Reminiscing and Regrets Finally adamant about no longer running from this part of his past, Adyn speaks with Kailin
So an Elf, a Thief, and a Student Walked into a Party...

Primus Gaudeo
Connect the Dots

Ziel Aerca
A Mini Party
This is Our House
Lock and Key Adyn and Ministra go from lust to anger again, this time parting ways

Administrate of Centripax
Life is Meant for New Friends and Great Ladventures!

Aelyria Prime
These Words Don't Come Easily Adyn and Mini find one another again, but Adyn's past encounter with Kailin causes him to balk at re-initiating their romance
Mission Impossible: Mini's Mini-ons
Do You Feel Lucky, Punk

Port Alyxandrya
Leave the Light On Adyn attempts to make peace with his childhood friend Kerric
Drink to the Foam
Old Ghosts and New Memories Kerric throws a party for Adyn, at which he and Kailin spend time together
Sooner or Later, the Storm Will Come Adyn and Kailin explore his old home and spill their secrets
Stab Me in the Gut
This is My Life Now
Reconnections and Recollections
I'm Living in a Small World Again
Somebody Save Me
Sing Your Society Song
We're a Little Rough Around the Edges

Ziel Aerca
The Winds Begin to Change Kailin travels with Adyn as he ties up some loose ends in the world he's leaving behind
A Lively Tail

Ziel Aerca
Tricks of the Trade
Orodisa Oddities Adyn struggles with changes in Kailin when she inadvertently swaps bodies with Liahal

Downtown Diversions
The Feast of Folly A masked Rosie and Adyn spar and flirt with one another before Adyn discovers who his opponent is

Port Alyxandrya
Painting PA
Tell Me When it Kicks In
A-Sailing We Will Go A squall maroons Rosie and Adyn, driving home uncertainty and confusion about his feelings, and his future
Just Like Gold
Act Two: A Shattering in F# Minor Struggles with depression and uncertainty lead Adyn to break things off with Kailin

Republic of Northumbria
On Rainy Summer Days, We Wander

Ziel Aerca
Shore Patrol A business meeting turns into an inebriated gallivant around town, after which Adyn gives into his attraction to Rosie
I Have What You Want
The Docks

Dead or Alive!

Port Alyxandrya
To the Sky Adyn and Rosie chat beneath the stars in a rowboat, out at sea
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire A mixup at the bar leaves Adyn and Rosie unable to tell a lie, forcing them to admit to actual feelings for one another

What Fools These Mortals Be

Port Alyxandrya
Take Me to Tomorrow
The Runaway and His Throne
Somewhere New, with Resources a Plenty, but How to Get Some?
Found Alternatives to Honesty
A Little Light-Fingered Music

White Cliffs

Weaver's Woods
All of Me Loves All of You (Soleil/Asunder Wedding)

Ziel Aerca
Dashing young rogues can't be helped when consecrated
Friendly neighborhood drug peddler

We Get Lost Beneath the Surface

29 ordinations

28 ordinations
Secrets :
Aelyria Prime
The Night Shift
A Dance of Daggers
Another Drunkard at the Crown
Somewhere We Shouldn't Be
To Teach a Drunkard New Tricks
Always Causing Trouble
A Midwinter Darkening's Dream Adyn receives help by a wandering dreamwalker in coming to terms with a nightmare

Traveling to Enamoria/Port Alyxandrya
We Could Make Time Rompin' and a Stompin'

Port Alyxandrya
Seeking Learning
In Memory of What Once Was Adyn meets his half brother

After returning to Aelyria Prime
You've Gotta Teach Me How to Do That

Traveling to Jaedaxia
Starting Over

A Simple Morning Visit

Monstrology II: Foul

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