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"Everybody has their uses, don't they?" Sliucha'd ask, tilting her head so that it lay against his arm, tail slowly wagging behind her as she waved her bottle of vodka around with her free arm. "All kinds of people, you know? No matter what sort of talents or skills a person has, I can always find a use for them. Even if it's just eyecandy!" Her eyes wandered around the room as she spoke, dwelling on a few people hanging around for exactly that purpose. Ha! What was wrong with hiring somebody just so that there'd always be somebody around to drag into a supply closet or bend over a desk when she felt like it?

"Sounds like you know a lot of stupid people," Sliucha said quite matter-of-factly, even as she fished out an entire carton of Rapture and pushed it into Adynirach's hands. "Think of this as a gesture of the benevolence of Ziel Aerca. No striiiiiings attached or anything. And if you're looking for new employment, well, we might as well just start off with what sort of skills you've got, so I can figure out what to do with you."
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