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Were they really celebrating him? Or did they just want an excuse to throw a party? And to be fair, surrounded with rich booze as he was, did Adynirach honestly care?

"This?" Sliucha asked, tail gently wagging behind her as she took another puff of it, tilting her head back and blowing out a cloud of bright blue smoke into the air above her before turning back to him, simpering. "A little something of my own creation. Would you like some? I call it Sparkle!" She'd hand the cigarette over to Adynirach if he wished it, inviting him to take a drag. It was a strangely sweet smoke, one that left him with a delightful fuzzy feeling all over and made his tongue tingle a little.

"How is it?" she'd ask, a wolfish grin on her face. "You much of a smoker? I've got plenty of things you might like to try out!"
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