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CIR contents:
1. General info
2. Training
3. Wealth and Possessions
4. People
5. Fluid-time log

- - - - - - - - -


Name: Diamea
Race: Human
Birth-Brightening: The 9th of Cryxatum
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 9in (1.73 m)
Hair: Black with blue stripes
Eyes: Deep Blue
Complexion: Pale skin
Place of Birth: Vortex --> Home City: Sancta Nova

Physical Description:

To an observer passing through, Diamea seems an ordinary girl, about 5ft and 9in height, she doesn't seem to have any particular feature but if you watch her more carefully, you can see something more. Her eyes are deep blue like two endless pools that stand on the fair complexion. Her hair, black with blue stripes, frames a regular face, by human standards, quite attractive; they are often related, for convenience, in a long ponytail reaching around the middle of her back. A careful observer might also notice the single earring that hangs from her right ear, the only memory when she lived with her family in a most prosperous condition. Diamea also has a tattoo, hidden to the eyes of any stranger, on the back of her left shoulder, a set of lines forming an abstract design as its significance attached to her date of birth and her temperament; however, this tattoo is a well kept secret by Diamea who never talks about it with anyone.


Diamea began as a curious and reserved girl, but her misadventures have accentuated the latter bringing her to distrust anyone and to try reject any emotional bond that goes beyond the simple contract of employment to avoid another shock like the one experienced after the disappearance of her beloved sister. Her innate curiosity came in handy to survive, helping her to find new solutions and, in this context, she has also proved to be highly competitive, always trying to excel. Unfortunately her being highly competitive also has its downsides, since it has been shown she has no stop when it comes to achieving a goal she has set herself.

Her interests revolve primarily around the combat, the first means by which she survived in the slums, but she has always felt drawn also from the Arcana, such misterious energies and things. On the other hand, she has never been interested in politics and religion, seeing them as far away and useless things to survive from day to day, and politicians are corrupted... usually. She is slowly rediscovering other pleasures like dancing.


Diamea was born into a small and quite wealthy family of Vortex in which her father was a merchant with a small business of import-export while the mother had no other occupation than to help her husband and take care of their two beautiful daughters, Diamea and Mila. The early childhood years were quiet for them, despite the rather turbulent urban environment, but unfortunately their lives were about to change. An attempt at extortion and robbery ended in tragedy and Diamea's father was killed. This key event radically changed the lives of Diamea; fallen on hard times, the family was forced to leave the father's house and ended up living in the Southern District, struggling to survive. A girl who was starting to show a predisposition to learning, solar and smiling, soon turned into a dark and silent girl, who seemed to light only in the presence of Mila, who she cared above all else, even her own life. Diamea, only seven years old, found herself having to survive and helped her mother to look after her little four years old sister.

Apparently, however, the misfortune had not yet finished to rage on Diamea and her family: one night, the mother vanished without a trace. Diamea saw her disappearance as a personal betrayal and this will mark the years to come. With her mother gone, Diamea took charge Mila and their relationship, already strong, it strengthened even more. Although the first moments of total despair and depression, the presence of Mila helped Diamea to go out, at least in part, by a self-destructive spiral in which she was slowly slipping, engaging with all her strength to protect her younger sister. Unfortunately Diamea soon will fall again into this spiral of anger, hatred and despair as a result of another key event: the disappearance of her sister. After a day in which she had tried to bring something to the table, Diamea returned home but instead of Mila, she found only silence: her sister, the only thing she really care about, disappeared. She started a frantic and desperate search for her that will only lead her to accept one truth: her sister was taken away and there was nothing she could do to. At this time, Diamea came close to suicide, she kept thinking about what she did wrong, what she could have done to prevent the disappearance of her sister but was unable to find any solution or answer to her questions. Nevertheless, it seems that the desire to live in the hope of finding one day Mila, had the best and Diamea reborn, still more gloomy and suspicious, but with a very specific goal in mind: become powerful enough to find her. But in order to pursue her goals, Diamea could not stay in Vortex but had to look elsewhere: the choice fell on Sancta Nova, a city hidden in the Black Forest that seemed to spend a period of great flowering. In short, a perfect place to start a new life with new hope and knowledge.

Sancta Nova brought much more than what Diamea expected; at first Diamea had some hard times searching for an hovel but then all changed after meeting with Hay'aan Malinconico. All happened on a day of wandering, Diamea was exploring the new city with the hearth full of pain from what happened in Vortex not so long before when ended up, by chance, at the Gazebo: here was Hay'aan Malinconico painting. The kind-hearted gipsy woman approached first the little girl who feeled at first mistrustful, almost no one had greeted her with a smile and such kindly words without ever knowing who she was, but then the pain in her hearth started to surface and Diamea let herself go a bit, even if a bit involuntarily, starting to feel different towards Hay'aan. This was only a brief encouter but changed Diamea's life forever. They met again and talking with the gipsy girl helped Diamea better withstand her pain, finding a new way of life, through Hay'aan warm and heartfelt hungs and words, Diamea started a new age of her life.

As time passed, things changed and she too changed. From her new start in Sancta Nova, she had learned many new things; she had grown as a person and as a fighter. She had learned magic and met death. But she had survived. She had lived adventures that left a scar in her mind as well as the sweetest of moments. She had met people she will rememeber and of which she will treasure the memory.

She had moved from the refuges town and her feet brought her even farther away from Vortex and her old life. She had built a new home on the volcanic island of Demios. A new place, for a better life and a better future.

She still wanders through Aelyria, she still lives adventures and she has much to learn...

Artwork by Hay'aan Malinconico



It was snowing.
Soft snow flakes were slowly starting to white the forest. She was walking slowly, up to the mountain side. Her breath came out in soft white clouds; she kept her fur-lined cloak close to her body.

She finally reached the opening she was looking for, where, from that stone outcrop she could see the valley and the city below. She climbed on it, reaching the top and sitting, knees close to the body.

Her eyes wandered on the sight below, the light was rapidly fading. Her mind too wandered far away from the now and here.

Snow kept falling and the light faded into the night, she remained silent and still, her eyes non really looking there.

Absently, her gaze moved up and just as she stared at the dark snowy clouds, they opened: the stars shined above, they looked like they smiled down to her. Her Deep blue eyes seemed to reflect that dancing light...



Things had happened in Prime, some good, some bad.

In the wake of it all, some ideas blossomed and started maturing.

She hated slavery, she hated it with all her heart, it had ruined the life of her sister, it nearly had ruined hers. All her hate wouldn't, however, change the fact that many, in particular in the higher levels of society, supported it and let it thrive.

Her alone couldn't do much, she was just a sword against a sea of complacement, just a needle on the thick skin of a giant beast. If she wanted to change something, the sword wasn't the way. What if she brought the fight to their levels?

The rich that thrived on slavery would never ever go down on fighting in first person, that was for the dirty thugs they hired with their money. Money... why not fight money with money? But she was relatively poor, she hadn't the finances to hinder the trade by the inside nor she had riches friend she could ask money to...

What if she... took the money from inside the system itself? Why she didn't "convince" some of the rich to part with some of their valued possessions? Be it moneys... or slaves...?

She had acted before, she had played before the dance of masks, the game of hiding one's identity behind a veil of fabrications. She could do it again.


Character's themes


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