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"Smile?" Primith asked, utterly confused. The word was barely out of her mouth before the man she thought was a hapless victim snagged her wrist and thrust her head down into the murky water. Prim opened her mouth to scream, filling her mouth with the vile-tasting substance. A seering pain lanced through her chest as the liquid invaded her lungs, causing her to panic.

The Moraden thrashed uselessly against her attacker's hand for only a moment before she realized the futility of the act. Instead, she quickly changed her tactics and attempted to duck underneath the man's hand, deeper into the black depths before bunching her legs beneath her and surging forward towards the man's body.

Her horns were a constant source of irritation for her, forever getting snagged on clothing and bedding amongst other things. Prim couldn't imagine how Diantars like Links lived day to day dealing with them. But they were sharp and thick, making for quite an effective natural weapons. With the arm that held her dagger pinned, butting the man and impaling her attacker on her horns was the only defense she could think of.

And she really needed to think of something to escape...Primith was already keenly aware of the lack of air, the pain of inhaling the water making it much worse than it already would have been. No! I don't want to drown!
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