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The Dreaming Elf awoke, and found himself on a familiar Nexus street. He'd been here before. Wasn't he investigating something? The Fires of Jasmine? And yet he couldn't bring himself to care. It was a silly thing.

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The Power-Addled Dwarf's insistent line of questioning seemed to leave the Fire-Hunting Detective flustered and he simply waved his hand. "Certainly, there have been incidents like this recently. You must understand that it isn't uncommon. These old houses can just go up like matchboxes. I've seen it happen any number of times."

He wiped his sweat-covered forehead with a handkerchief and coughed. "You're welcome to interview the boy yourself, but of course, he knows nothing. Feigns ignorance. What the doctors would call a mental block, I'm sure."

He indicated the Tearful Arsonist, a boy no older than nine ordinations, with bandaged hands hiding his burn marks.

"Really the best thing for everyone, you included, is probably to leave this incident to the constabulary."

The Red Wolf dragged his prize out into the moonlight to get a better glimpse at whatever he had found while hunting his prey. He may have lost the two guardsmen, but perhaps he had gained something else. The bag left a trail of a dark liquid as he dragged it, and he could smell the blood.

The bag came apart and revealed the two constables he'd been following just moments ago. Their heads, at least, were recognizable. Their bodies had been dismembered and hastily stuffed inside the bag. At least, the Red Wolf could only assume it was their bodies. There was certainly enough pieces.

But the chilling final revelation was that judging by the savagery with which the men were ripped apart, some sort of wolf or dog must've done it.

In the moonlight, the Red Wolf could see the blood glinting off of his own claws and he knew what fate had befell these men, but he could not remember why. Suddenly, footsteps! Someone was coming.

The Uncloaked Dragon slipped down into the black and rancid water to release the Drowning Hostage. The Uncloaked Dragon managed to slip the bonds from the Drowning Hostage's arms without much difficult. He pulled the cloth from his mouth and spat it out. "I'm sorry." He said, staring up at the open grate which revealed no one else was watching the two of them.

"Smile." He said, although his own features showed no such inclinations, and mirthlessly, he grabbed her hand that held her weapon with one hand and with the other he pushed her head under the rancid water, a mouthful of the sewer water instantly filling her lungs as he held her down.

The Oath-Bound SistersJade and Nymira had their ruminations interrupted by a rather unusual pair: A man and a woman priestly vestments who bowed as they approached.

"Good evening, the two of you are causing quite a scene. I hope you will understand if we ask you to come with us. We think you might be able to help with this awful matter..."
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