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A compulsion prompted Primith to turn her attention away from the carnage and chaos that surrounded the mysterious fire and head down a nearby alleyway. She couldn't identify it, couldn't explain it, she just knew that she must obey it. Having experienced such strange callings before, the draconess knew that it could only lead to trouble of the worst possible sort, and therefore it was a terrible idea to heed it. But despite that thought at the front of her mind, Prim didn't have enough will to resist it.

The unmasked Moraden crept down the narrow side street, uncertain of what she was looking for, but aware that whatever it was lie ahead of her. She felt her stomach sink as she saw the opened sewer grate. The rather innocuous sight filled the draconess with a dread that she couldn't put a name to, a dire premonition that became clear as soon as she caught sight of the bound and gagged man standing in the sewer below the iron cover, filthy water lapping up around him at alarming levels.

More than anything else, of all the myriad ways she could think of dying, Prim was the most unnerved by the possibility of drowning. The idea of her chest burning from the lack of air, her desperation mounting as she struggled to escape her murky grave, the searing pain of water invading her lungs...

Prim almost took a step away from the grate, every muscle in her body tense as she resisted the urge to flee. She stared into the man's eyes and saw the desperation, the fear of death...the silent plea for help that overwhelmed everything else. Feth! The last thing that the Moraden wanted to do was jump down into those murky depths and risk the same fate. But she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she left someone like that. Feth her anyway, but Primith just couldn't bring herself to do it.

Releasing a deep breath to steady her nerves, the cerulean draconess drew Charin's dagger and jumped into the open hole, forcing herself to ignore her mounting terror. Pulling the gag from the man's mouth, Prim set to work on his bindings, working quickly to saw through the ropes that held his hands in place and tethered him in place. "Diana's breath! How on Telath did you get into this sort of situation anyhow?!" Fear made Primith's voice harsher than she meant it to be, but she was in no state of mind to worry about that sort of thing.
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