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The Fires of Jasmine (Open, if you dare)

Era XX. Spring.

This is the BLACK post. It signifies the start of a tale of horror and darkness. It may signify nothing else.

The third fire in the third night in the Jasmine District was like a wake-up call for the constabulary of Nexus Prime. Homes of men and women of wealth burnt to the ground.

And always their crying son or daughter outside with soot covered hands and a spent match in their burnt palm.

Things quickly got out of hand. The Jasmine District was one of the more influential and wealthy places in the city, and the deaths of those who lived there was considered a matter of some great seriousness. The Guards were encouraged to handle things quickly and quietly, before the Church picked up on accusations of demon possession or ghost hauntings.

But rumors spread, as they were wont to, that the fires in the Jasmine District were related to a series of incidents that had occurred over sixty era ago. Some began hearing that the guards were offering a reward for the ending of the threat, even if they did not publicly admit to any connection between the fires.

And all the children who survived their parents immolation had the same story, that they were told to by a man dressed all in black from head to toe, who smiled but did not have a mouth.

OOC:This is an open adventure of horror and pain. Join at your own peril. The rewards for resolving the mystery will be great.

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