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Originally Posted by Straylor Leonard View Post
Giovanni - when are we meeting up? We still have two weeks this season. Maybe a quick meet and greet? Given that your claims don't upset Straylor

Elmaryia - good luck, Rach!

Shea - I'm sure the Emperor will need our services once we corner the Eastern Realms
Sure, that sounds fine. And no, Giovanni isn't claiming anything. If I wanted to be a Thane or Governor or something, I've got 3 other characters that can strive to go to that level, one being a Dracon, one being a gay dwarf noble and one being an otter.

Even more OOC than OOC!(But I won't do anything with "Mr. Lefty" since it used to annoy me to no end back in 2002 and 2003 and 2004 when guys would show up from Nu-Aelyria after 2 or 3 years away and just become Thane or Governor with no time and effort involved. Here I actually agree with Jacob's private thoughts on politics, risks and rewards.)

So yeah, Giovanni will remain a socialite.

And his life begins here: One drunken day

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