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The Second Week of Ulyris, Summer of Era XVIII PF

The herald once more returned to the chambers and private offices of Imperial Regent Andares. The herald returned from Enamoria with response from Rougenoe, Consul to Enamoria. Delivered to the hands of the Imperial Regent himself, the herald would wait for his dismissal or conversely further dispatch.

The missive itself was a package of parchment folded and tied with a blue ribbon, sealed by a stamp of red wax and the impressed seal of the Sovereignty of Enamoria. Contained within the package were a handful of pages including a letter from the Imperial Consul and the requested materials.

8 Ulyris, Era XVIII PF
The Pnyx, Medonia, The Sovereignty of Enamoria

Your Excellency,

Thank you for your missive, it has reached eager ears. Before going further please allow me to congratulate you on your assignment as Imperial Regent. It heartens our collective province to know one of our host has raised his position so and hope too Your Excellency will not forget our provinces removed from the eastern seaboard. I shall be happy to entertain your company. As soon as the date approaches please let use know so we might make arrangements for your stay.

I have undergone no little strain in my attempts to cover the position of governor in addition to my commitments. It will be good to have another to speak with upon the matter before I fear I should stretch threadbare. I have sought to find a fitting candidate to fill the position but Enamoria has proven to have a surprising dearth. I have found potential candidates either lacking in skills and experience or otherwise disinclined to the take the shoulder the mantle. Still, I believe it is important to find a candidate for the position who has experience with Enamoria's political and social scene. But I shall expound more on the sentiment in the enclosed documents.

The ducal houses of Enamoria, but for the surprising loss of House Maeve's leader, are in good humor. Certainly there has been prodding and shoving in regards to minor power struggles in the vacuum Lord Maeve has left but as of yet nothing turbulent. Should a new Patriarch be named in a reasonable amount of time I expect little loss in House Maeve's political and social standings. The City Malice too has been rather tame. I believe its ancestral rival has been quite busy with its domestic affairs of late and that should suffice the reason hostilities have been relatively light in recent seasons. Malice too was hit hard by the long winter though the true extent of damage is beyond my knowledge.

With Sincerity and Anticipation,

lord Rougenoe
Consul to the Sovereignty of Enamoria

The enclosed list of prominent provincial matters did not appear to be written by the same hand as the Consul's letter.

 Major Political Events

  • Pescado Branch resigns from the post of Governor.
  • Lord Protector Mansell of Port Alyxandrya declares himself Thane. Thane Mansell is mysteriously assassinated.
  • Moranor Andares, former Lt. Governor is reinstated by Pescado Branch as a final act in office. Lt Governor Andares is subsequently affirmed by the late Regent as governor.
  • Governor Andares leaves his post as Governor.
  • Enamoria cities are overflowed with refugees from the Sherian War.
  • The former Prince confirms Archalen Andares as Governor of Enamoria.
  • Governor Andares and Consul Rougenoe work together as best as possible to do weather Enamoria through the Longest Winter and the concurrent famine.
  • Governor Andares makes an unpopular thanal appointment in New Coldmoon. The Governor camps an Imperial Legion outside New Coldmoon to mollify the populace.
  • The Late Governor Andares resigns from his post and joins the Sherian War.
  • The House Maeve's Patriarch dies unexpectedly.
  • The Sovereignty of Enamoria offers a gift to the City of Aslangrad and extends an official offer of friendship.

 On the Subject of the Governors of the Sovereignty of Enamoria:

Unfortunately the position has seen itself more oft vacant than held by a body during my tenure. I am unable to truly comment on Pescado Branch's term as I had just started my officing at the Pnyx as he prepared to resign. Beyond Pescado Branch is Moranor Andares. Lord Andares held the position not quite as long as the next governor would. He and I personally did not see eye to eye on many issues. Nonetheless it was a time of stability for Enamoria. Part of the success of his short term I think was due to our differences and discourse on what was best for the province. Beyond that Lord Andares was familiar as he had served as Lt. Governor under Pescado Branch for a time. Then too was his office seen as much an extension of Branch's leadership as it truly was. Lord Andares changed very little during his tenure. For the most part he seemed quite pleased to continue with the status quo and given the stability of the provincial affairs during his governorship it was likely a smart decision. But yet he left office for reasons that as are still cloudy.

After a lengthy vacancy in the position Lord Archalen Andares was affirmed to the governor's seat. More passionate than his predecessor Governor Andares was willing to make changes and he was a Governor constantly in action. His ability to make decisions and lead during difficult times helped Enamoria cope with many problems gripping the province during Archalen's office. That is not to say he was always popular. Quite the contrary, Lord Andares was passionate leader and quick to temper. He did not make friends in the foreign province as quickly or as well as he should have to solidify his position. It was thus I believe led him to a bout of disappearance and a belated resignation. Unfortunately I found Lord Andares had resigned second hand and was unable to speak to him before the tendering of his resignation and his moving out from the governor's apartments. I can only speculate he as others not used to Medonia's love of intrigue found it ill inducing. I believe he left with a heavy heart and a bitter taste in his mouth for the region. I find it unfortunate for I believe the late Governor showed some, if small and crude, talent for the office. With cultivation he might have furthered his career in the mold of Your Excellency.
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