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Palacrisis D Jones is a famous HeroPalacrisis D Jones is a famous Hero

He sat nigh on immobile as Malkear made counter arguments dismissing his fears and warnings out of hand …. Strange, eras ago before the “accident” he would have argued fought and developed his ideas but now …He was relaxed, he had done his duty provided an alternate point of view and if that different way of thinking through problems was not accepted well did it really matter?

Not that he was anyway concerned that he might be wrong. Right and wrong were simply two sides of the same coin. He was saved from the mind numbing pain of policy where each decision had to be weighed in the crucible of cause and effect rather he was free to express opinions and thoughts in the security that this was between two different peoples of Aelyria who viewed the same problems from different perspectives. What he was sure of though that man and elf shared a common goal and that was simply the betterment of Aelyria.

“Proconsul …interesting offer my Lord Regent ….who watches the watchers? I had not expected that honour and that responsibility. I need to think on this for a short while.
Indeed this offer was beyond anything that he had imagined! A ministry possibly, confirmation of a consulship to Sheria but in charge of the whole bally lot of the blighters ….phew! Steady down …..Malkear was right he would have to treat these people with all the skills he had learned over the era’s. These were not peasants to be brow beaten these nobles expected to be obeyed not to obey. How would they react to their lord and master getting the elbow?. After all these folks were friends relatives and owed Roscarnis a modicum of loyalty. There was doubt that the consuls owed the same loyalty to the Triumvirate…..tricky little problem this/

He looked up at Malkear…… “I agree with you my lord Malkear. I am qualified. I am experienced enough. False modesty on my part serves no purpose here. I have no loyalties other than to the nation as a whole. I have always stood alone never joining any house or faction and I have had offers in the past. I will support the Triumvirate as long as its actions do no harm to Aelyria. I can accept this new post and will ensure to the very best of my abilities that the consuls act in the very best way for their provinces. My lords Regent shall have to draw up a document of appointment that clearly describes my duties and my powers. If I am not mistaken the AoI does not cater for a proconsul as such and although Roscarnis took this power to himself I would wish to have official and legal backing for this post.

He bowed his head in real humility yet there was nagging doubt that the next few eras would be a world of trouble for all of them if they did not heed his warning about “the candidate”.

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