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Palacrisis D Jones is a famous HeroPalacrisis D Jones is a famous Hero

Palacrisis scowled as he reread the Herald, sure this copy had reached the far flung island of Olympia and it had caused him to write to the Herald seeking a post in Sheria. That conversation with Roscarnis and Duncan had faltered and petered out but yes Pala knew this one and had formed an opinion on it’s contents, but he swiftly refreshed his memory before setting the article down.

“My opinion …hmm this might take a little time My Lord Regent but first of all we can simply say this is a power play all we need to do is know the author of this document is a De Lylles. Need I say more?"

The grin was stark and without humour……" My first instinct was to consult the Acts of Imperium drawn up by Milo."

“Article 3 section 3 states “the political form of the Aelyrian kingdom is a meritocratic monarchy.”

“What my lord De Lylles is proposing is an aristocratic government which directly contends with the last version of the AoI. No proconsul has the authority to act outside the AoI thus we must see this paper as a challenge to the current status quo. A blatant attempt to place a member of their class on the throne!”

“It may be argued that some of the candidates are both aristocratic and meritorious but as at least three of them come from the De Lylles family then I would suggest that they are bound to prove before the Triumvirate that they are meritorious and free from the canker of cronyism. Or indeed whether the charge of nepotism can be laid at the door of My lord Roscarnis. Thus the De Lylles especially should be brought before your good selves and examined in order to decide if the individuals are indeed worthy of such high honour.”

The smile was feral and evil, the De Lylles would protest like stuck pigs and of course if they failed to appear before the tribunal their appointment was null and void.

“There are members of that list I would not argue with, Arakmat for one.

Wessex’ s an Aelyrian or a half Aelyrian and his merit is doubtful because he has not actually done anything for generations. “

“The Hierarch is interesting his position is one that is potentially more powerful than that of Aerienne Sarista who was head of the church and governor at the same time. I argued strongly for a separation of church and state indeed I suggested that Diana should be given special holy city status and allowed to manage its own affairs without interference from the state but perhaps at the time that was a step too far.”

“So to start with we can argue there is sufficient hint of illegality of this document to warrant further independent investigation by the leading Justicars of the nation. We have suspicions of cronyism and a doubt as to the competence of some of the proconsuls pointed. If necessary we can examine Tristan and prove that he was temporarily insane in signing this document which contravenes the fundamental tenants’ of the law. Thus throwing doubt on his whole intendancy!”

But that is just the beginning …….” His brow darkened and there was no hint of levity about him
“The fact that this document is now public, the place holders are active and acting under the delusion that Maiestas was awarded to each of them by the stroke of a proconsuls pen presents a clear and present danger to the peace of the nation. If we attempt to rescind this document as being unlawful we face the prospect of an uprising of the aristocracy against the Triumvirate.”

“So I suggest that each of the Triumvirate adopts the title “Archduke,” you already have proved your merit to serve as this regency otherwise the prince would not have appointed each of you personally. The title Archduke gives you court precedence over the normal nobles.”

Dukes and Duchesses presided over the Feudocratic Order and had sworn fealty and pledged their allegiance directly to the sovereign monarch. In exchange, they were the Stewards of Aelyria and possessed the highly coveted Imperial Charter, authorizing them to establish a fiefdom named after their family's noble house and possess power on a national level.

“The nobles will howl and protest but you bruise their egos only for these people are creatures of their ego and their traditions. Their place within the hierarchy is important to them in fact it is mothers milk to them.”

He laid his hands flat on the desk before him and stood slowly before pacing the office.

“So we have an properly ennobled Triumvirate who can argue that such precedence lends them both status above the nobles and the right to rule as per the AoI.”

A finger stabbed out as though he was counting points.

“Now lets get onto the AoI, I assume that you will be preparing a new revised version as your first act. Eyvind Redbeard declared loudly that the AoI was set in stone and that no changes could be made! He was wrong as events have proved. The The AoI is a living document that reflects the age and times we live in. You the Triumvirate are the power in the land, the law is what you wish it to be.”
“So you have the law as a weapon of right and might but that does not stop and insurrection from the nobles. They have wealth, castles and men at arms. The Imperial legions have been weakened, the nobles can hire mercenary armies because of their wealth and many a young blade will join a rallying cry!”

“But even that is not important we must consider the Aelyrians and Constantine. Essentially from his perspective Aelyria is in a power vacuum. His place holder Milo is gone and the throne is vacant, that I suggest is anathema to his way of thinking. The throne of Aelyria rightly or wrongly is in his gift. The Church of Faiths argument over the Aethercrown is a smoke screen we know that the link to the crown from the gem is broken and we have no original artefact to rely on when it comes to legitimising the enthronement of a candidate. So Constantine can claim that the throne of Aelyria is his and only his gift to the nation and my lord Imperial Regent …..”

His had went to the beard searching for the right words with which to make his argument.

I would bet a bucket of crowns that right now out there somewhere is Constantine’s candidate waiting to make a move for the crown. All right I am speculating here. I have nothing to give you that would be considered evidence for my assumption yet the logic seems to work.”

“All the embittered nobles require is a rallying point for some sort of uprising. Roscarnis’s charter has effectively stolen the provinces from the Triumvirate and handed them to the control of the aristocracy. That gives enormous power if the nobles work in concert. So it seems to say to me …”

“Find this potential candidate, Constantine’s chosen one, thus neutralising the potential threat that such a candidate holds. If this “candidate” is both promoted by the ancients and backed by the nobility we face a complete volte- face and the empire reverts to a monarchical dictatorship that resembles the crown 600 or so eras ago.”

“So if you accept my theorem or at least acknowledge that my logic has some validity. I would advise that we accept that this potential for civil war is in fact part of “The darkening” We have prophesies that were considered important some eras ago I would advise that it is time to revisit these strange sayings and look at them with the eye of experience but most of all we should be looking for some clue as to the “candidate”.

He sat down and sipped water “You did ask my opinion and possibly I stretch the facts a little but I have seen these machinations before. Milo told me the problem for his reign was that he felt like a fire fighter constantly jumping from disaster to disaster without the time to actually formulate policy. You need to be able to control the events not let the events control your administration. I am a suspicious sometimes paranoiac old sod. Maybe I worry about the health of the nation too much and this “candidate” is a figment of my imagination but to get ahead of the game sometimes we have to take a leap of logic based on what has happened in the past.”

He sipped more water …there was one more question he had to answer a personal one that might or might not have a bearing on the events that may or may not transpire.

“You asked about my infirmity……well and he told the strange tale again leaving out nothing. Milo advised that I should employ a Dream walker. Ovan Hestra advised a mystic examination but well meaning as both advisors are I am not ready to divulge my secrets, it does not feel the right time yet. It may be nonsense the whole damned dreaming thing but the gods work in mysterious ways and it is possible that within my head are revelations that effect the nation.”

He leaned back, what the sardonic elf would make of him was now out of his hands.

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