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Palacrisis D Jones is a famous HeroPalacrisis D Jones is a famous Hero

oocI am going to attempt to second guess previous events the triumvirate has yet to be announced publicly. Bunny time!
There were great events in the air Roscarnis and Duncan had dropped veiled hints of a change in the administration of the kingdom during their conversation a few months ago. Milo had visited Olympia but again he seemed reticent to tell the story as to why he had abdicated simply dropping titbits about a breakdown of confidence between he and the ancients.

Perhaps the retiree was too far out of the loop to retain the confidence of the great and the good or there were such catastrophic events in hand as to make a need to know policy the imperative. However the letter from Malkear had provided Pala with an important clue as to what was afoot …..”Imperial Regent” had been the foot note and with those two words penned in haste was the answer he needed. Whether Malkear was the only Imperial Regent, the head honcho, the main man or whether he shared the honour of leading the country in the absence of a fully conformed head of state was a question he needed answering. He doubted that Alexis Sapientia was going to bow his head to an Esh'lahier elf and walk away into some sort of watery sunset so maybe there were two imperial regents whether there was room for a third was a question of doubt and frankly he could not think of another suitable candidate unless …….Scythe! ......The balance of the kingdom, the double edged weapon, the enforcer and the ultra- realist…it was a possibility!

Yet Malkear had penned the letter giving Palacrisis a lifeline to snatch at and to make another appearance on the coat tails of the good and the great. Quite what sort of job the wily elf politician had in mind was mute but interesting and the intervening brightening’s between the letter arriving and his departure to Prime via “wizard express” had given him time to think. It was true that for all the fancy titles and seats in the corridors of power he had never really stuck his head above the parapet and claimed that he Palacrisis D Jones was a contender for the top jobs! Yet the past three eras had changed him he was older than his ordination and the halls of Jalat were now many steps closer. He was now aware of his mortality and maybe for the first time his legacy was important to him. The discussion was going to be interesting!

The wait was over he was ushered into the inner sanctum and the usual polite pleasantries were exchanged. Pala was fully appraised that his travel arrangements were of no interest to the Imperial Regent but the forms had to be observed. The jockeying would begin soon.

He took a seat and pulled imaginary lint off his finely pressed trousers and began.

First of all regent may I congratulate you on your present post. You must be the first member of your race to rise so high it gives hope to others that race creed or form are no longer barriers to greatness, Secondly I was flattered if not a little surprised that you should remember me. My incapacity has taken me away from the hub of events and I find much to be puzzled about. But my lord Imperial Regent I thank you for inviting me here and I cannot deny that a prospect of some position within this new administration has quickened my blood. My lord Andares I am all ears. what is that you propose?

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