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Niven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious Superhero

Notable People

Dante Asunder is Niven's ex-husband. Niven and Dante were together for 8 years and married for a matter of months when everything fell apart. Turns out that getting pregnant with another man's babies before your wedding when your husband is a Thaumaturge Dracon ends your marriage. Who knew?

Calanon and Niven had only met less than a handful of times before they came across each other in a forest and, with the help of a love potion, canoodled in the moonslight. They both thought the darkening was a dream, but it turned out to have lasting consequences. It turned out that the babies Niven got pregnant with were Calanon's. Now things are super awkward as they try to figure out how to navigate a friendship at the same time they are co-parenting.

Kailin is Niven's best friend and confident. The two originally met in a strange but vivid dream and were shocked to find each other were both real one winter. They became fast friends. When Dante turned her out seven months pregnant, Kailin took her in and put her up in her family home, even though it was her beau whose babies Niven was carrying. Through all the trials and tribulations of the strange situation, Kailin has been an amazing support for Niven and she loves her to bits.

Niven and Tali had a history before they even realized it, with Tali gifting Niven and Cal's babies toys when she first met Cal. It was months later when the two met themselves and Niven felt an odd sort of kinship for the amnesiac elfess when she shared her story. Niven looks forward to building her relationship with the auburn-haired shadow elf.



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