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Thanks everyone! I'm excited

And like...consumed/a little overwhelmed looking at everything I have to do going forward to get a wedding together. No wonder brides are notoriously stressed out, yay fun x.x

To add, the fiance dude told me last night that he does want to go house-hunting this fall. After poking and prodding him over the topic for the last few months and him hedging around the topic and saying things like "no, no, that's not gonna happen/work out" and us deciding to get married (instead) of doing the house thing...he randomly turned to me while making dinner and said "I want to look for a house this fall" (our contract with our apartment complex is up at the end of November). Apparently seeing all the old people on the train made him decide he wants to look for houses?? I don't get it either. And he said he wanted more space (we live in a one bedroom with two cats who get under foot), which I've been nattering about the whole time. More space, please!

So he's finally come around and since my mom and dad have offered (quite generously) to pay for most of the wedding, we should be able to swing both. Should.

But it does mean that my time here is really going to be pitiful. Between looking for a house and starting to get things together for a wedding, my weekends are definitely going to be packed full of house hunting and interviewing venders for the wedding, not to mention dealing with an overzealous mother (in regards to the wedding) and a fiance who will probably start whining once he realizes his weekends are consumed.


I'm really, really trying to get my head together and focus on things here. My PCs have been neglected beyond belief and I know I've been slow getting to write-ups that require my attention. Blah. I apologize to people. My life just took a major turn towards "whaaat" over the past few weeks and I just need to get my head on straight! At least the life turns have been good ones, not bad ones, so I have nothing at all to complain about!
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